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Ramon Sanchez


5 garciafamily19

I have had the pleasure of knowing R. Sanchez for greater than 7 years. He has been at my wife and my side through some of our roughest financial times. He made good by his word and gave us superior service on three different occasions . I can say that he is my go too guy and has helped and or worked with many of my close friends. Even though it has been two years since I had needed his services he still calls 3-4 times a year to see how we are doing.

5 user9348298

For new home buyers, getting the right information and trusting someone to do the right thing for your investment is really hard. Luckily, Ramon was highly recommended by my brother who received exceptional service and support. Little did I know that Ramon was not just working on my loan, but also guiding me all the way through the process of owning a new home.

He gave me the confidence I needed to feel like I was making the right decisions and I’m glad I did. Ramon has helped us not just to acquire our dream home, but also made his personal tasks to make sure that we were happy with our investment by following up and been very approachable with any questions or concerns we had. Is has been 1.5 years since we moved in to our new home and I still call him from time to time with concerns and questions and he has always giving me an my family the time of day to talk about them.

Thank you Ramon for all your help and guidance.

5 user414130

Ramon Sanchez, was the best real estate officer I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with..he’s very knowledgeable and always helped with any questions..his finance team was the best..

5 user3679987

I highly recommend Ramon Sanchez for all of your real estate needs. He was 100% involved with our entire transaction from start to finish. He was always available to answer any and all questions that we had. He made us feel very comfortable throughout the sell of our home. Ramon will definitely be the person we call if we ever have any future real estate needs.

5 mikeroe

I have purchased/sold three homes with Ramon as my broker, he is always helpful, very knowledgeable and responsive. He will go the extra mile for you. He is a really good broker and I would recommend him for your real estate needs.

5 lildota60

Ramon is awesome! Personable, engaged, attentive, professional, and genuinely workied on our best interest as we sold and purchased our new home. We will remember him in the future and will recommend him to family and friends every chance we can get.

5 debanff

Extremely positive experience, Mr. Sanchez is definitely very knowledgeable, proactive and efficient. His professionalism is model, communication skills are top notch, the most important is that, Mr. Sanchez makes sure that the job is done, completed and wrapped up. His approach is very thorough and informative to his clients. He presents as a true ambassador and representative of his clients. His demeanor and how he conducts himself through phone conversations, faxes, e mails and media all sum up that he is there for you and watching out for you, and is there to protect the interest of hi clients rather than collecting a commission. I refferred Mr Sanchez to several people and I would definitely use his services If I ever need a real state transaction. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

5 francomr74

Mr. Sanchez helped me refinance two houses, and also gives me advise on house marketing. He also helped me buy the house I currently live in. I have nothing but good things to say about Ramon. He is a friendly, responsible, and motivated person who will go the extra mile to help you.

5 ggorcsan

Due to the Holidays and misplaced emails, this recommendation for Ramon Sanchez is well overdue. The entire sale process from beginning to end is carefully managed by Ramon. His appropriate and easily understood explanations and answers always hit the mark. Whenever we had a question, Ramon answered with cheerful readiness to help. Much of the signing process was expedited using an online document transfer/signing service. All parties can access the document and sign at any time. Saves much time and energy…no driving. As things progress, Ramon keeps you informed of the progress and status of market and buyer. Sometimes agents interact with the tenants to schedule showings and coordinate the multifaceted sales process. Ramon closely worked with tenant to schedule agent’s visits during specific hours, as not to disturb the occupants too much. As the sales process ended, one set of documents were signed in a brick and mortar building, efficiently and quickly as expected.

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